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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of Sydney’s leading Painting Contractors. We are an established and proven company, that is confident in the level of our service and your requirements. We aim to assemble an expert crew of Painters for a successful and professional completion of any project. Our Management team comprises of Site Manager, Foremen and qualified Tradesmen.


Krete Painting Pty Ltd, was established in 1982. we have spent over 30 years committed to providing a qualified and skilled crew of painters and managers, competent in all areas of the painting trade.

Director          John Lagoudakis



John has been in the industry for over 3 decades. He is experienced in all facets of the building industry with a good understanding of all trades. He is meticulous and wants perfection in all forms of work carried out. He expects nothin less than perfect from all employees of the company and from himself. Over 30 years at the top of the painting industry in NSW is testament to that.

Director          Emmanual Lagoudakis

Emmanual has been in the industry for over 3 decades also. He and John started the company in the early 1980's and have kept it at the top of its field till this date. His expertise is in organising and executing project deadlines and getting the most production out of the employees. He specialises in spray gun work, texture coatings and patching.

Director          Jim Lagoudakis

Jim has also been in the industry for over 30 years. He joined the company in the mid 1980's and brought with him the experience of running a proffesional succesfull business. Jim is hands on and gets involved with all parts of the business. He is an expert in the finer details of finishes and is called upon to take care of all the fiddly and intricate projects we undertake. He is an expert in decorative finishes and wallpaper.

Operations Manager     George Lagoudakis

George has a background of building design and building works. He has been in the construction industry for over 15 years. He takes care of the operations side of the company. As a younger member of the company, he brings a level of youth and new age ideas and enthusiasm to the company.

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